The large leather studios feature lots of professional SM furniture und equipment from leather to steel.

Related to various themes, theses rooms contain a St. Andrews Cross, Bench, pillory, also medieval style, punishment chair, several lifting blocks, bondage frame, love swing, leather hammock, harnesses, leather bondage bag, spreader bar, hanging cage in body shape, restriction cage, american style bondage for absolute motionlessness, soundproof compartment, toilet chair, chair with special belts for strict ravishment.

All leather studios feature lots of clothes and accessoires, such as handcuffs, shakles, collars, leather masks, corsets, slave harnesses, leather belts, whips, canes, chastity belts, different leather pants, leather strait jacket, steel cuffs In Addition, we have a huge collection of clamps, weights, dildos (some inflatable), strap-ons, cock-cuffs, spikes collars, gags, electro play etc.

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Studio Mobile: +49 152 55943283

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