Velvet Divine

In me you will find an empathetic and sensual dominatrix with passion who will humiliate, objectify and torment you with pleasure. Nothing about me is fake and my power over you doesn't need loud words. You will feel it when I enter the room and you will inevitably lower your gaze downwards. Your heart is beating in your throat and your deepest desire is to please me and be my willing object from now on.

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Studio: +49 211 2203569
+49 152 55943283

Velvet Divine: +49 155 60092034

(6 p.m. to 8 p.m. or via WhatsApp )

If I cannot be reached by cell phone, please dial the studio number

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As a submissive slave you will learn and love what it means to serve me. I will humble you and show you where your place is. Be it fixed on all fours as a pet or as an object and completely at my mercy. My voice will be the center of your thinking. I will bend your will until you are completely submissive to me and can no longer think of any other goddess. As a reward, I might let you taste my golden nectar.

Are you masochistic, love the pain of pleasure and find your destiny in complete enslavement? Then I will treat you accordingly. My sadistic pleasure is fed by your pain and whimpers. As a passionate strap-on wearer, it will be my pleasure to fill you to the limit. If you are a beginner, I will gently introduce you to the world of SM and gradually push your boundaries.

As a passionate fetishist, I have a special soft spot for latex. My wardrobe is eclectic from elegant to bizarre. I love the feeling of how the tight and smooth material hugs the body and envelops it sensually. It will be a pleasure for me to dress you in shiny rubber and to shape you into my very own rubber doll.

My love for the feel of special materials is broad. Lovers of real nylons can massage my delicately covered feet, let themselves be enchanted by their scent or just get intoxicated by the crackling sound when I cross my legs.

Do you feel the urge to live out your feminine side and let your desire be controlled? My special passion has been the feminization and chastity of slaves for many years. In addition to transformation, I am also interested in playing with breaks and opposites. I will mold you into my sissy or maid and will train you accordingly.

In white eroticism, I treat patients with a wide variety of complaints and offer a variety of preventative examinations in the clinic, especially in the urological area.

Don't let my gentle appearance fool you. In me there is an experimental sadist and dominant lady with a clever mind and witty expression. For me, every session is an individual, creative act to live out your most secret wishes and desires. For me, trust, security and discretion play a major role. Because only if you can really surrender yourself as my slave will we fly.


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