Ria Rebell

Ria Rebell

Aparte rebel, beguiling latex diva, master of staging

In interplay with erotic closeness and a touch of cool arrogance I will rob you of your senses for certain moments. Pure sensuality and elegance paired with sadistic fantasies hide behind my attractive nature.
I have always loved to polarize with my actions by not permanently complying with the rules of decency and at best subordinating myself to morality on the outside.
I am always open to new things in life and always in search of a certain thrill. So it was only a matter of time for me to explore the dark stage of the BDSM.

My inventiveness enables me again and again to present myself in a new way. Therefore playing with different characters is for me a creative journey into your bizarre dreams, with passion for the extraordinary. As your perverse nurse, strict teacher, your sadistic wife doctor or uncompromising superior. We can also play a game to your liking, if it is in accordance with my passion, but you will serve me thereby exclusively for my pleasure.

The SM world and that of the bizarre is for me not only connected with sadism and pain. Also fetishes and a certain eroticism play a role for me. I have a pronounced weakness for latex, nylon and high heels/boots. As my submissive foot servant you expect small, neat feet with varnished toes. Your place is at my feet!

I expect your deep admiration, your humility and devotion. So are you ready for true size (180cm)?

Then I expect your slave application via email with a short description of your person, your fantasies and wishes and your taboos! Your preferences are for me first an inspiration, your taboos inviolable.

So I can prepare myself adequately for our meeting with a small lead time.

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