Electro Play

Stimulation current can be very stimulating, but their are certain things that are very important for safety reasons. In order to guarantee your safety, please note that we keep to the following rules:

We do not use any devices that provide high line current. All electrodes above waist line will be used in a way, that current does not flow over the heart area. Usage below waist line is regarded to be safe. We do not use small electrodes to avoid electric burns. If you have a pace maker, please note that electro play is not possible. Electricity may not flow through both arms, nipples or legs at the same time.

We respectively between two stimulus currents of the so-called TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nervous Stimulation) and EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation). For these treatments, we have a Erostek 312, several Tens devices, E-Play, E-Stim and the Cat-System.

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