Lady Farah

Lady Farah

Perfectionist of Perversion

A break from everyday life, this is what you get only with me.

Many think they know BDSM and knew what it means to practice SM - these stereotypes have most people in mind. That BDSM has much more facets than the imagination of an individual, is not perceived, but you will learn that with me.

I would not necessarily hurt anyone, the interesting thing is the power that I have about you. And also you will enjoy it. Your pain is secondary, if also intensive.

I offer my guests the erotic atmosphere, my dominant presence and my beauty. As the session runs, it's in the stars, because sexuality is something very individual.

Our thoughts often revolve around sex, achieving this requires courage. I can help you. These include honesty, trust, and a pinch of excitement. You're fulfilling my desires without pleasure, I will notice it and punish you.

Any fetish can be lived out, but with me you will discover your own fetish. Foot fetishists may kiss my dainty feet and slaves to serve me. A fetish is no shame, but your knowledge of yourself. Let me show you your fetish and you will get to know you new.

I play for hours with LaTeX and whips, but you're aroused by my voice, smells and looks. Utensils can be fun, and we can try them all, but you will be addicted after my attention.

A decision is due, feel my attention or the whip? Both you have to earn!

The candles are lit and I humiliate you and you will think that I praise you. My eyes follow you in the drawers and you never feel alone, even though you most likely know the feeling of solitude.
My playful way turns you on, my appearance is a robbery to your senses.  I blindfold you, let you freeze and I take advantage of your fainting without any doubt. You will obey or suffer agonizing, both are fine with me. But you're not aloof with me, because I serve me to you and your body.
My dirty talk will bring you to the Quake and it is the day on which you want to meet my specialties. You will experience caviar and champagne with me in a stylish atmosphere. There are many offers, but my dirty games are extremely mediocre and downright nasty at the highest level.

Cigarette smoke and red lips, your mouth is used as an ashtray and you feel tortured by my strict attention. Bring me your favorite cigarette brand or take mine. Enjoy the sight of smoke which wanders about my perfect red lipsticked lips and the way it will be blown into your face. Open your mouth and be my ashtray. You can be brave and go further, then you're tortured by me on your most sensitive parts of the body with a lit cigarette.

Get to know me and become a part of my bizarre imagination in reality.

So playful as I appear, I will take you into my bizarre world and you won't escape from this extraordinairy Excess!

You will enjoy our time together, pain is just a tiny moment, although it might become very intensive. I offer you the perfect entertainment, erotical  atmosphere, my dominant person and the beauty of a goddess. What  happens during our session is only between you and me, it is our bizarre relation and nobody else will ever  know. We cannot control our thoughts , but sexuality is in everybodies mind and you need to be brave to experience you phantasies, I will give you the chance to fulfill your dreams.

Fetishism is one of you phantasies? Then you need to tell me the truth about you and I will open a new book for you. The book of Fetishism and bizarre Dreams. My BDSM garment can hurt you, but you will become addicted to my human being, my eyes, my touch  and my everything. Dirty Games, Dirty Talk and your darkest phantasies is what I love, meet me at the House of bizarre Dreams and we step into a High Class Fetish World.

Sissy Slut Training – SST

I think, sissies adore women so much, that they want to be a woman aswell and need advice to make them what they are aspiring to be: a woman! TV, Sissy, Maid and Slut Sissy Training happens in Mistress Farah's Sessions very often.

A Sissy is a man that is completely submissive to the Mistress. The one that will do whatever his Mistress desires. And it doesnt matter how embarrassing or humiliating he may find it, he will do everything!

Wearing female clothes, sexy underwear, high heels, Bra's and lip gloss makes it easier to forget the man who lives under these clothes and embrace the softest side of himself and become a sexy SHE. Once you realize that you are a Sissy, you feel free and become a wonderful, loving, amazing, person who understands what Sissification is about.

A Slut is a sexually promiscuous person usually a female. A sissy Slut is a man wanting to be a prostitute, whore and slut faggot. You only need someone to help you in your transition of being a shy sissy to a Sissy Slut. With the help of the Sissy Mistress Farah, a dominatrix, a Muse and mentor, you will finally experience the Sissy Slut training and you will achieve your big fantasy of sucking cocks,  pleasing other men, being the whore that you always dreamed of.

Under the strict Sissy Slut Training, "YOU!" the shy submissive sissy will do everything to
make ME as your Mistress happy.