Special Duo Infernale – bizarre erotic temptation

Special Duo Infernale – bizarre erotic temptation

Duo Infernale – bizarre erotic temptation

During October we offer a very extraordinary and unique, frivolous adventure of outstanding excitement and pleasure. Enjoy the feeling of being in the hands of two ladies at the same time.

To celebrate all our magnificent options and possibilities we have created the following sessions:

At the Mistresses Command

Enjoy the challenge to be instructed, tied up und punished by two of our dominatrixes. Feel the power of double submission. Profound and strict examination in our medical area and white room is of course also possible. In this scene, law is made by the ladies – their wishes are principles, mistakes will be avenged, disobedience is not tolerated.

Mistress & Maid

Enjoy the exciting pleasure to experience a Lady and her female servant at the same time. The submissive lady can be as well her mistress's assistant and also the second slave at your side. Another option is to support the Dominatrix while educating her servant. If it is your desire to take the voyeurs point of view while the submissive Lady is punished, this is also possible.

Garden Eden – paradise of seductive fetishism

Take the pole position between two sexy and lascivious ladies and experience a very extraordinary ménage à trois in double dimension. This temptation will take your breath away and empower your wildest dreams.


Following ladies offer the special:

Rubber Cleo
Lady Sabrina
Miss Jade
Fetischluder Lea
Lady Marleen
Bizarrlady Oxana
Chloe Savage
Ria Rebell