Monthly Special

Whiteroom Adventure - Special in March

Whiteroom Adventure - Special in March

In march, we specially focus on the Whiteroom Area, or team consists of bizarre doctors, erotic nurses and seductive patients. Our completely new medical rooms feature various of amazing and intensive possibilities to widen your erotic horizon.

Beside from our standard equipment, that is absolutely up to date of course, we have imported some extraordinary tools, such as the original magic wand and a special electro play and vacuum machine. Enjoy our treatment and have the ultimate experience.

Multimedia White Room - 3 Dimension of Pleasure

More intensive, more various, more lustfull. Enjoy a sensitive, strict, bizarre or authentic-medical treatment in our white room area. We guarantee a special level of orgasm and desire. A very special event for all senses: extraordinary technical features enable us to give you different kinds of impressions. For example, we have installed a flatscreen and video glasses. The combination will upon up a complete new style of entertainment to you.