Lady Sabrina

Lady Sabrina

Erotic Domination

Are you ready for devotion and pain? Take a deep dive into the world of suffering, my kingdom in which I will take you to your limits and let you feel my dimension of fetishism. Experience my power, the force to do with you whatever I like. Since years to this day – I practice my pleasure of bizarre longings and kinky desires.

You will enjoy my power in various ways and relish all dimensions of it. I will chain you, chastise your body and your mind appropriate to my preferences. My hand, cane and whip will leave their marks. As an obedient cross dresser slut you will be at my service. You will be my furniture and offer your face a my comfortable seat. Be fascinated by my art of domination.

Being a sadistic mistress I find my pleasure in your pain – that will give me satisfaction and enjoyment. Realizing the pain and fear in your eyes. Fell how your body suffers in pain and punishment – this is what fills myself with lust and desire. Your purpose is to suffer for my pleasure. My pleasurable glance will be your reward. In a wrestling fight I will teach you what it means to be in the claws of a lady. One of my main weaknesses is rubber, Get on your knees and receive the honour to watch my pics and videos... want more? Follow me into the House of Bizarre Dreams. I am awaiting you! Seduction will take place in an extraordinary role play, positions will be clear very soon. My charme will ignite your desire.

My fetish – finest rubber clothes

Skin-tight, smooth and shining – the sum fetish dreams. As well, I will cover you in rubber and latex. You will feel the heat when this second skin will take your breath away. A tight bondage will cover your rubber covered body. Now you are my powerless rubber puppet and latex toy.

Your challenge: Wrestling match

Rarely covered we will have our competition in the wrestling ring. I will do whatever it takes to show you your limits. My legs will do the perfect scissor along your body or neck – tight and strict. You give in? You want to give up? With a quick grip towards your neck I will enforce your unconditional surrender

Are you ready to take the challenge?

If terms such as Sleeper Hold, Scissor and School Girl Pin are common to you, you are in the right place, having found the perfect counterpart.

My fulfilment – sadism at it's best

I love to see you suffer. If the pain is visible in your eyes, your desire is rising, the more torture you receive, the more pleasure you feel. Your nipples will feel my sharp fingernails until you cannot take the pain anymore. You don’t have the strength to take this nipple torture? I am also satisfied with cock and balls. Bound tight they will be in front of me – we will see what this will do to my inspiration...

Authentic psychological torture

Entirely helpless, gagged and blindfolded you will be my victim. You do not know what will happen next. The only thing you notice is the noise of my high heels.... my soft touching will increase your suffering as well as your pleasure.

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