Bizarrlady Lena

Bizarrlady Lena

Let me take you into a world where we can live together your bizarre fantasies. In many ways you will feel and enjoy my power.

I am very changeable, recognize and understand the gestures! Often it is not necessary to know many words to know where the trip should go. I can deal with words very well - from elitist lady to vulgar and hardcore humiliation. I grasp correctly what moves you inwardly!

Hairdresser Lena

My special interests are bizarre hairdresser games, in which I gag, tied you in an erotic and mystical way a master haircut. In doing so, all the things that you would never say or do in the normal salon would happen.
You wanted always feel like a woman, enter a beautyshop and be styled from head to toe to an elegant lady or rather to a nasty whore? Then you are exactly right with me! I teach you to a TV whore or Sissy.

I bring out your female side from you and you will feel as a woman through and through. The dresses, stockings, higheels and, of course, the appropriate makeup, as well as hairdresser round off the picture to the lady.

Professional equestrian training

In addition, I am a professional dressage rider and appreciate the visit of the riding school, which is pursued in actual equestrian outfit. Feel my spurs when I ride you on the shoulders or back. But before, my stallion is brushed down, saddled and strapped.

Finally, you will lick my dirty riding boots clean ... until they shine!

Feet and nylons

Be a gentleman, kneel before me and sink between my feet. Inhale the intense smell of my worn nylons! You will see me as I remove them individually from my suspender belt and then you will caress each of my toes. With my charm, I will enchant you, so you can enjoy every moment.

With pleasure I connect the one with the other, I rarely commit myself to something alone. As an example, I give you a good bondage with then extensive anal treatment. Or touches of different intensities with partial or total meaning.

Personal preferences:

  • Role playing
  • Petplay / horseplay
  • Hairdresser Games
  • TV education
  • Flagellation
  • Anal treatments
  • Foot & Nylon eroticism
  • Trampling
  • Bastonage
  • Long Stays
  • Demonstrations

Bizarrlady Lena's personal number: +49 157 37029049

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